summer lovin’ at last

At last summer weather has descended upon us. We have finally been able to occupy our time at river beaches and in the plastic backyard pool. Good summer times.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are occupied with this book, extremely well-researched and perspective altering. Perhaps one of the reasons my book reading is so inconsistant is because when I become engrossed in a book I am even more ineffective as a wife/mother/housekeeper than I am when I waste away my hours online. Such has been the case with this book and I think my family will be relieved when I return it to its rightful owner.

3 thoughts on “summer lovin’ at last

  1. I know what you mean. I get so into a book when I'm reading that I can't put it down. I just want to see what happens next.Laura likes reading, but doesn't get as engrossed as I do. We recently found a good compromise. We're listening to the Children of the Promise Books on CD (thanks for getting them for us from the Kuna library).It's pretty entertaining though (kind of a Mormon soap opera), but I really like that's it's a historical fiction set in the WWII era. I think that the author also has forced me to examine some of the common biases, assumptions, or behaviors that are inherent in growing up in an LDS culture.


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