feeling low

My brother and I were discussing blogs the other day, and their reputation for being narcissistic and sugar-coating life. Blogs often give the impression “Look at me! Look at how great my life is!” While I can not claim that this post isn’t narcisstic (it probably is), I can say for sure that it is honest and real. So I write it while my emotions are fresh and raw.

Today I am having one of those days where it feels like everyone is frustrated with me. It might be that I am just perceiving frustration from some people, but some people have made it clear that they are in fact frustrated.

In the shower I broke down. I allowed myself a few moments to weep in self-pity.

Reading this, I imagine your kind hearts being filled with sympathy for me. Perhaps you can relate because you have felt this way yourself. I appreciate it but I ask this of you. Tuck away your sympathy and save it. Save it for the next time you are frustrated with someone. Imagine them weeping in their shower because they know they have disappointed you, and are therefore frustrated with themself. Then retreive your sympathy, and use it as a catalyst for forgiveness.

Because today it is forgiveness I want.

3 thoughts on “feeling low

  1. I'm sorry the world seems to be against you right now. (((Hugs))) Thanks for being honest; it's really refreshing in sugar-coated blogland. I hope you things get better soon. Lots of love!


  2. That's a profound insight, Jo; Uchtdorf-ian, I would say. Learning to channel our love and sympathy, so that we can give it even when we instinctively want to withold it, is how we become more Christlike. The trick is to remember that in the very moment we are frustrated; that's the part where I get hung up. And for the record, it's hard to imagine anyone getting frustrated with you. Really, the very idea!


  3. cheer up Jo! too bad we can't get together and cry as a team. i burst into tears at the doctors office today – sweet. one of those days.i hope you're feeling better. cuz you deserve the best.


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