Is this getting old?

Wednesday morning we took a tour with Bryan and Brit of the Capitol. While I found it interesting to hear the stories of what took place there 200 years ago, I must admit that I’m cynical about what takes place there these days.

Regardless, it is a beautiful building and an impressive symbol for our country’s history and freedom. Quite magnificent really. Too bad I’m a lousy photographer with a sub-par point and shoot camera.

After that we headed to the Holocaust Museum. The museum exists on four floors and you begin by taking an elevator to the highest level and descending. Before you get on the elevator they give you a little booklet about a Jewish child living during that time somewhere in Hitler controlled Europe. After each floor you read more about the individual until at last at the bottom you learn their fate. They do this to make it a more personal experience I suppose. But it is the sort of experience that is painful enough without it being personal. I’ve been through the museum three times and I’m convinced that each time I go (perhaps due to increase in age and maturity) I am more appalled that this ever happened. It is of course, excruciating to read about the Holocaust. But I am grateful for the knowledge I have of God’s love and mercy and salvation for the victims of the Holocaust.
(This was my best “To infinity and beyond!”)

After leaving there we quickly perused the Air & Space Museum but we were emotionally and physically spent and were mostly interested in buying the promised space shuttles for Cameron and Eli in the museum gift shop.

That night we cashed in a credit Richard had for a hotel in downtown D.C. We crashed on the bed and watched meaningless t.v. to give our brains a break. Museums require a lot of reading. Then with Bryan’s recommendation we found a great Italian restaurant that was the perfect romantic dinner for two. We even ate some cheese that had aged for 200 years in a cave. Yes, that was expensive but VERY tasty cheese. I love cheese.

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