I believe in MIRACLES

I’m a cynic. Ask Richard. He can hardly get through a story without me getting hung up on some irrelevent detail. I think I’ve told you this before.

Getting personal, in my prayers for Mark I mostly prayed for Kim. To put it bluntly, I didn’t have enough faith to ask for a miracle. At least, until a few days ago. Two friends of mine who shared their tremendous faith with me, got me thinking. Maybe it’s possible. Maybe the faith of those praying for Mark (like Richard told me) would be consecrated on his behalf. So last night I prayed for a miracle. Of course I asked, that if it be the Lord’s will he would allow it. But I asked for it.

I’m not taking any credit here, there are hundreds of people praying for him. But what happened today made this experience personal to me. God hears and answers prayers.

Last week doctors were “keeping it real” with his wife. They even suggested that she start thinking about withdrawing the means that were sustaining his life. She asked them about miracles, they told her they had never seen one.

Today Mark spoke. He answered questions. He is still here. He is coherent and responsive. His existence is meaningful. It has been an amazing day full of joy and hope. I am so full of gratitude. And I’ve learned an important lesson. Doctors can present you with facts and science. But God can grant miracles.

5 thoughts on “I believe in MIRACLES

  1. Even though I don't know Mark or his family, I can't help but feel excited and for you, Mark and his family. I too, believe in miracles and have witnessed them first hand with my nephew.


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