tight jammies

I’ve probably mentioned Cameron’s love for tight-fitting clothing. His single fashion motto is “The tighter the better.” Unfortunately he is built like a string bean and tight clothes on skinny people just make them look more skinny. But because I love him I allow him to indulge himself in tight pajamas. He loves “tight jammies.”

Because he loves all things sleek, he hates his winter coat. He calls it the “puffy coat” and it is a fight each morning to get him to wear it.
Today is pajama day at school and of course he insisted on wearing his new fire engine “tight jammies.” I allowed it because it is what makes him happy but I have had anxiety all day that the other kids at school aren’t so impressed and that he might get teased for being so slim.

The combination of the puffy coat and the skin tight pajama bottoms was enought to make ME want to laugh this morning.

I hope he has a good day.

6 thoughts on “tight jammies

  1. oh, he is soooo cute! i love his tight fitting jammies:) those are way too cute:) urban is so skinny too and prefers not to wear clothes at all..haha:) so atleast you don't have that problem.


  2. Haha….he looks just like Calin! Last year in kindergarten they had a pj day and he wore his tight fighting orange halloween pjs. It was a bit embarrassing to say the least, but it's what he wanted. I used to worry about him being teased at school as you do, but I learned the most kindergarteners are oblivious to anything and don't care about clothes. Have you been in the classroom? You will probably find: the girl who doesn't bathe or comb her hair, and the boy with the designer clothes, it's quite the mixture! While first grade did seem a little different, I am relieved I don't have to worry about his “classmates” now that I homeschool.


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