festive Friday

Friday was a day of Christmas parties. We kicked it off with Eli’s preschool party, with special guest SANTA CLAUS. Eli is gradually warming up to him. He’s met him twice this year and both times successfully told him what he wants for Christmas. (An improvement over last year.) What did he ask for? A dinosaur. This was news to me, I guess Santa better get on that.

Next up was Cameron’s kindergarten Christmas party. I was in charge of games, thus giving Cameron authority to be his usual bossy-center-of-attention self. His classmates quickly reminded him “Just ‘cuz your mom is here doesn’t make you in charge!” Ha. I was expecting Cameron to be different in his classroom environment. But he was just the same little Cameron.
Lastly was Richard’s office party. There were three categories for a dress-up contest. The first was “Old Fasioned Christmas”, the second “National Lampoon Goofy Christmas” and then a “Festive Hat.” Finding costumes when you are pregnant and your husband is reluctant is less than desirable so I settled for a glitter-disaster of a hat I found at the dollar store. But I did win the contest! (Well, it was a three-way tie with the other two people wearing hats.)

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