little snow bunny

My in-laws have a term they use to describe some members of the family. The term is “irrational self-confidence” and Cameron posesses it. Richard took him skiing for the first time last week and when he came home he said to me “I’m going to be the best skiier in the whole entire town!”

Oh boy.
But since I love skiing and have practically given it up the last few years, I do have high hopes that Cameron will love to ski and do reasonably well at it. It is our only hope for getting Eli to ski, if he sees how much Cameron enjoys it. We have no doubt that Miriam will love flying down the mountain at outrageous speeds, so perhaps that will also motivate Eli.
Since he is only five Cameron was able to get a season pass for free. He shows it to anyone interested with great pride. We’ll see how his confidence is when he gets off the bunny hill. But he is pretty cute with his little skis and his big smile.

2 thoughts on “little snow bunny

  1. So cute! We got Olivia beginner skis, and Calin a beginner snowboard for Christmas. Sadly, we have no snow right now so they aren't able to try them out, and since we live in the plains, we have no ski resorts to go to either. I'm hoping our kids will have as much fun on our little “bunny” hill at the park as it looks like Cameron is having, He looks so big, I can't believe how long its been!


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