new skills

Every once in awhile one of my children surprises me with something I was unaware they were capable of. One night while reading scriptures Cameron asked if he could read by himself, and read he did!

At first I was proud. But then I was overcome with embarrassment and humility that he had learned this skill without my knowledge or assistance. It made me realize what greater things he could accomplish if I made better efforts with him at home.

Tonight he brought my this little paper. He said it is his birthday list. I suppose he means it is the people he wants to be involved in his “buthae.” The balloon is to remind us what the list is for, he says.

There is just so much sweetness in this little paper, I’ll keep it forever. It is the first time, I’ve observed, that he has written words by sounding them out (birthday, Miriam). It also expresses who he cares about most. Forgive the cheesiness, but I’m glad to be his mom and I’m glad he has a family.

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