the first rough day

I already mentioned that I had a goal of waking up and showering before the kids were up in the morning. I have been doing well at this until this morning. Simon is a great sleeper at night, once he falls asleep. But each night the past few days he has stayed up later and later being fussy. So this morning I didn’t make an effort to get up. I woke up as the sun came through my window and knew I was in trouble. My other mistake that set me up for failure this morning was neglecting another goal of mine, to have the kitchen clean each night when I go to bed. This proved to be the cause of additional stress.

I asked Richard what time it was and he told me, 7:30. Exactly the time to wake up Cameron for school. As I attempted to do so (he was not cooperative) Eli started crying because he had wet the bed. I changed his clothes but left the sheets to be dealt with later. I continued to “encourage” Cameron to wake up and get dressed while I started breakfast. I made Cameron’s lunch all the while he sat on the laundry floor crying about the clothes he wanted to wear. I was beginning to lose patience. A mother’s life is a great deal of what I referred to earlier as “encouraging.” Nagging is probably the better word. “Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP! Get dressed, get dressed GET DRESSED! Eat your breakfast, eat, EAT!” In thinking about the morning later I’ve decided that there has to be a better way. Cameron needs to take a little initiative and do those things without my “encouragement.” I’ll be working on a plan for that…

About this time Miriam woke up, and so I got her breakfast. Then Simon woke up but his breakfast was going to have to wait until Cameron got off to school. More nagging. “Put your jacket on, get your backpack, watch out the window for your ride. Don’t make her wait, it’s rude to make people wait.” Simon is not happy, lots of crying. The ride comes, he’s on his way.

I fed Simon first breakfast, I try to feed him small meals to help with the spit-up, knowing that he’ll be hungry again shortly. Miriam is done with breakfast, clean her up and change a poopy diaper. Eli is done with breakfast, clean him up and get him ready for preschool. It’s only 8:42, I have time to eat breakfast myself!

Let the dog out, feed the dog, take Eli to preschool. Upon returning home, Simon is ready for second breakfast. For the first few minutes, without her brothers there to entertain her, Miriam is attempting to climb all over me. Then she disappears. It’s quiet, I’m nervous. I finish feeding Simon, he spits up all over but it’s his turn to wait again. Miriam is in the kitchen, eating someone’s bowl of tomato and rice soup from last night’s dinner. Big red mess. Change her clothes. Back to Simon. Change his diaper, change his clothes. I want a shower. I smell like spit-up and haven’t washed my hair since Sunday. What to do with Miriam. I grab the magna-doodle that she loves and keep her in the bathroom with me. Take a shower, when I get out she is poopy again. I start to change her, it’s a blow out. Change her clothes again, plus now she has a diaper rash.

Everywhere I go in the house someone or something demands my attention. The diaper garbage can is overflowing, the kitchen is still a mess, Miriam’s poopy and soupy clothes need to be washed, Eli’s sheets need to be changed. Not to speak of other household messes and tasks. I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed.

A knock at the door. It’s the J-Dubs. Sorry J-Dubs, not today. A phone call. It’s Richard and he has good news. It brightens my day. Another phone call. It’s my mom, and she’s going to come get the kids in the afternoon. I think I’m going to make it! Simon is asleep. I look around for Miriam. She is curled up on the floor with her blanket, sucking her thumb. It’s only 10:27 and I think she is as exhausted as I am. So I pick her up and we rock in the recliner for awhile. But it’s almost time to pick up Eli from preschool and I haven’t dried my hair yet.

I love the life I’m living. I really do. On most days diaper rashes and laundry are easy enough to handle. And the pay-offs are great. Cameron had a great report card. Eli sings songs to Simon. Miriam gives kisses. And of course Simon meets the measure of his creation by just existing.

This afternoon I’ll put the house together and take a nap. Tonight I’ll clean the kitchen before I go to bed and in the morning I’ll get up early and shower.

8 thoughts on “the first rough day

  1. Wow. I totally think Mom's are the busiest, craziest people alive. Thanks for making me realize I'm an 'encourager' and not a nagger. I feel so much better about it now. 🙂 Hope you made it up early to shower this morning!! Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Oh, I just want to show this post to anyone who may wonder what us moms do all day. It seems like some days go like clockwork and others I am in over my head too. It is always nice to know I am not alone, when my nerves are running thin!


  3. Jo you are superwoman! I know what you do is what you think of as normal “Mom” work, but I really do admire your attitude and ability to keep it all together. I know I'm in for a rude wake up call, but thanks for setting the example.


  4. Keep setting the goals! Eventually you get to achieve those goals! It gets better when the kids get older. Not easy but better. You are an amazing mother and wife and you are doing what you need to do. Hang in there and know that I'm feeling the same way some days.


  5. I would say you are doing pretty good if this is your first rough day! I have learned my attitude makes all the difference between making hard days something to laugh about or something to cry about!


  6. you should write a book… because you have LOTS of spare time. wink. but you really are great at detailing your life in a way that makes me so so interested in it, you, and HOW YOU DO IT, GURL. HUGS AND KISSES jojo


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