How do you spell choose-y anyway?

An anecdote about Richard:

The other day I asked Richard if he had heard about the tornadoes in the south. He said he had heard on ESPN radio that an Alabama football player had been injured during a storm. I suggested that perhaps sports radio isn’t the best way to stay up on current events.

This morning I read on Facebook that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. (I’m laughing out loud at myself for the irony of my last two sentences that didn’t occur to me until I typed them.) I called Richard and asked him if he’d heard the news. He responded “Yeah. I just heard on ESPN radio that last night at a baseball game as people got word of the news from their cell phones they started chanting “U.S.A.!” I laughed. He said “See? I can still stay up on things by listening to sports radio.”

In fairness, an anecdote about myself:

Richard and I had a great debate recently about the effectiveness of advertising. I was arguing about one form of advertising in particular. Can the people who stand on the sidewalk and wave signs for their business really be effective? This led to further discussions about marketing and I maintained that I was not generally influenced by advertising.

Later that evening I had the pleasure of Richard’s company at the grocery store. When I noticed that my usual brand of peanut butter was gone, I selected Jif. I made the following comment “I guess I’ll get Jif, beause I’m a choosey mom.”

You can imagine the gloating and that came in minutes that followed. And the hours. And the days.

2 thoughts on “How do you spell choose-y anyway?

  1. That's too funny!! I don't believe in advertising either 🙂 Coy and I have the “advertising works” debate often, but since that is the business that he's in, he always comes up with statistics to try and prove to me that it does work. I still don't believe it!


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