my guy got a new ‘do

Richard with Cameron on his blessing day exactly six years prior to the photo taken below.

I’m just going to cut to the chase here. (With Richard’s permission of course.) He’s losing his hair. After much discussion and a few trial hair-dos that came dangerously close to a comb-over he decided to just shave it. His brother was always telling him to just embrace baldness, so he has. You can go ahead and comment on his hair (or lack of) and make jokes about it, he’s moved past the mourning phase. We’re good now. I say “we” because shaving his head is much easier for me than cutting his hair.

9 thoughts on “my guy got a new ‘do

  1. What I was going to say when we were skyping–but I can't remember if I did– was that I've always really liked that buzzed look on grown men. And I would probably encourage Will to do it more often if he didn't have a reputation for looking like a terrorist when his hair is buzzed.


  2. I didn't find this as funny as Brittany did. I believe I know why. This post and Richard's new look haunt me, not unlike a spectre from the future, portending my own fate.


  3. sheesh, he totally looks like Cameron to me with the new do!i'm glad you're embracing it, much better than fighting it. just like i've embraced my beautiful white hairs 🙂


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