man I over-use parentheses (and hyphens?)

The other day I was reading through old blog posts. It is so discouraging to look back through a journal-type record like a blog and read the insights you had long ago that you’ve already forgotten.

But it made me think about how I used to have time to think. I used to think about things. I used to listen to NPR podcasts all the time, and then think about them. Now I am too paranoid to put headphones in for fear I won’t be able to hear one of the kids crying or calling for me or getting into trouble.

I’m just so busy! Mothers everywhere get annoyed when others ask them “What do you do all day?” We all know how much there is to do. But before I had four children, and even sometimes now, I ask myself “What did I accomplish today?” So tonight after all the kids were in bed and I was feeding Simon I thought about it. And the numbers say a lot, so here they are. (Approximately.)

In one week:

Just for the kids alone, not including myself or Richard:

I do approximately 6 loads of laundry. I deliver (with varying degrees of effort) 105 meals. (Babies eat a lot.) I administer or supervise 20 baths. I clip 40 little fingernails and toenails. I change 56 diapers. I read about 12-18 books. I run 10 cycles of dishes. I sweep the floor 10-12 times. I do at least 14 pigtails or ponytails. (Thank goodness it’s just one girl!) I put shoes on and take them off at least 28 times. I brush teeth 21 times. (Don’t do that math, it’s much less than it should be.) I change the clothing of a child 49 times. (That is much more than it should be, see previous post about an overly-dependent 4-year-old.)

I also wipe noses and bums, apply bandaids, give hugs and kisses, swaddle & re-swaddle, play wiffle ball, clean messes, go to the park, attend Dr. appointments, grocery shop, housework, mediate fights, rock a baby and try to have a hobby or two. (Does Pinterest count as a hobby?)

I don’t say all this to brag. Or maybe I do… But I also say it to reassure myself and others that being a mom is super busy. It just is. I remember feeling this way the first few months after each baby, so I am hopeful for the future when things settle down a bit.

And of course, it goes without saying (or does it?) that it is all totally worth it.

6 thoughts on “man I over-use parentheses (and hyphens?)

  1. I just can't even begin to imagine being so busy with 4 kids, I feel busy with only 1. Except for right now as she is still sleeping and I could do a million other things and instead I read blogs and blog myself. The numbers do speak and they are worth it.


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