blast from the past

I’ve been totally unmotivated to blog lately. But when I took this picture of Miriam I had a major flashback and a wave of nostalgia and I had to share.

Remember this? Oh how I wanted a “Kid Sister.” That was the most effective marketing I can recall from my childhood. Didn’t those kids just seem to have the most glorious existance? I was sure they were so content with their “Buddy” or “Sister” they wanted for nothing else.

It makes me wonder if a doll like that would even sell today. No bells or whistles. Their eyes don’t even close.


4 thoughts on “blast from the past

  1. Yep, I remember those dolls. My little sister actually recieved one for a birthday or some special occasion. The killer for us with that doll was when the movie “Chucky” came out around the same time. My brother took the doll, with a butcher knife in the dolls hand and chased my sister. I believe someone thought the scored big time at DI that year!


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