Goooooooooo Broncos!

In exchange for my trip to Florida, I agreed to let Richard go to Georgia for the BSU game. He bought plane tickets for himself and his brother last December. (Courtesy of frequent flyer miles.)He’s more than earned it I suppose. Not only did I leave him with all the children for a few days in January, I have left him a few times this summer as well. He says he’s burned out on the Mr. Mom gig.

But as long as we’re counting, he’s traveled so much for work he’ll probably never catch up to me in number of nights alone with the kids. So I take that back, we’re not counting.

Anyway, tomorrow he’s headed to Georgia for the Chick-fil-A Kick Off Bowl. Earlier this week he had a business lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I wish all who read this blog could have seen the delight in his face when he showed me his fortune.

So even though they can’t spell, I’m going to hope the Chinese are right. And for the sake of superstition, Richard is expecting them to lose.

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