and then there’s HER

And Miriam? What has she been up to while her brothers are off getting educated?
 Oh she’s keeping busy…
No one else around here gets to eat any strawberries.  If Miriam gets outside she eats any strawberry that looks remotely ripe, and then some that aren’t ripe at all.  Such a sad waste!

What doesn’t this girl eat? Not window markers. She eats those.

And gum.

And one bite of every fruit in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table.  Including avocados.  I finally let her finish a peach in the confinement of her high chair.  Suffice it to say, I don’t keep the fruit on the kitchen table anymore.  Man you should have seen that avocado…

This is lemishine dishwashing detergent.  Not cheap, but keeps the dishes from getting coated in hard water. (Fortunately she wasn’t eating this.)

While I unloaded the shopping cart she helped herself to a loaf of french bread.

6 thoughts on “and then there’s HER

  1. Cute, just like my Isaac. He even eats the packages while we are shopping for stuff. He pulls stuff out of the back of the basket to try to open it and eat it and does not take it well when I take it away!!! Kids are so funny.


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