win or lose

This is the morning-after-heart-breaking-loss pep talk I gave myself. 

As BSU fans we have set impossible expectations for our team.  And they come just close enough to realizing those expectations that we become devastated when they fall short. 

In my mind the National Championship was a “pipe dream,” as Richard always says.  But a BCS bowl was our expectation and anything else was unacceptable. 

But there are dozens and dozens of teams in the FBS.  And among them are many good teams, with long-time loyal fans.  My neighbors are Nebraska fans, rain or shine.  Only ten of those many teams are ranked top ten, and only 25 in the top 25.  We’ve been riding a wave of top ten success that leaves us bitter about about ranking anything less. 
I have only been a BSU fan for about six years, and I’ll admit I’m a band-wagon fan.  It’s been energizing to see the records set and win after win.  I’ve gotten some of life’s biggest thrills from Bronco wins against teams like Oklahoma and Virginia Tech. 
But these have been exceptional years.  Most teams don’t make BCS bowl games.  Most teams don’t go undefeated.  Losing is just part of the game and I refuse to let it get me depressed.  

A little slice of humble pie seems to be just the thing in order. (For the fans that is. The team is not known for “trash talk”. Jared Zabransky excepted.)  Sure our team can beat great teams in hyped-up games, once a year.  But it’s time to be patient while the Broncos work to prove that they can beat non-ranked teams in their conference each year. 

I refuse to be a fair-weather fan.  It is a team to be proud of, I’ve been honored to cheer for a brilliant quarterback like Kellen Moore and have my kids wear his jersey number.  And I am proud to support a coach with character.  It’s a great program, and I’ll cheer them on win or lose. 

By golly, if I’m going to be a college football fan, and Boise State is my team, I’m going to love it all.    

Bird Fam Fans 2010

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