Well, apparently we didn’t do much in November.  The only pictures I have are of the t.v. I sold on Craigslist because we finally broke down and bought a flat-screen.  What would Hugh Nibley think of me?

The tv was a wedding gift and although I wasn’t sentimentally attached to it’s hugeness, it was kind of sad to see it go.  I was raised with the idea that you don’t get rid of something if it still works.  But admittedly I love the new tv. And speaking of tv, I love the DVR.  I worried that we would watch more tv when we got the DVR, and we probably do.  But not significantly more and not enough that I feel guilty about it. And that’s saying something because I’m prone to guilt.  I love that I can record the few decent shows that are on, for both the adults and the children, and then we can watch them at our leisure.  This works out particularly well for Cameron, the shows that are on after school hours are not his cup of tea.  Now he can watch his favorite cartoon after everything else is done.  And if everything else doesn’t get done, he can try again tomorrow.  The other thing about DVR that has won me over is watching tv without commercials.  Not only is it more time efficient, it spares you from some of the media trash.  I was frequently uncomfortable with Cameron and Eli seeing some of the commercials during football games, and now we can safely watch the athletic event without the slightly immoral marketing campaigns. 
Wow- apparently I had a lot to say about that!
Oh, and a few pictures of Richard and the kids playing football outside.  Seems appropriate, given the hours in our house that were spent in November either watching or playing football.  Again, what would Hugh think of us? Thank goodness for a new year and new priorities! Like the Wii Santa brought for Christmas… (SO glad I can blame that one on Santa.)
Those are some soft bowling pins made to look like football pads. Those clever little boys…

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