the Griswolds

per Richard: You have to many kids if you can no longer [legally] take the family to get a Christmas tree in your truck, so you have to tie it to the roof of your mini-van.    
On Saturday while we were out and about doing Christmas-ish and birthday-ish things(more on that later) we were listening to Christmas music and the Taylor Swift version of “Last Christmas” came on.  Cameron apparently likes T. Swift and objected when Richard changed the tune.  Thereafter our annual discussion about this song ensued.
Richard: “That is not a Christmas song.  Just because it has the word “Christmas” in it does not make it a Christmas song.”
Me: Some pathetic argument.
Richard: “She could just as easily be saying “Last Friday I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you gave it away.”
Cameron: “Friday?” pause…”Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday.  Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend…”
I swear, we really haven’t watched that video that many times. 

5 thoughts on “the Griswolds

  1. I laughed SO hard reading this! hahaha First, because I agree completely with Richard. I usually rant about it to whoever (whomever?) the unlucky soul is with me when it's on. It's the LAMEST song! Taylor at least has a good voice, but seriously, NOT a Christmas song. There are a few this passionately about, but about that later. Anyway, second because it cracks me up that Cameron knew that song by Rebecca Black (did I just admit to knowing that?). Third, I'm picturing the Griswolds picking up their Christmas tree and Cousin Eddie 🙂


  2. Bryan laughed so hard he started into a fit of coughing. And when he stopped coughing, he started laughing again. He and his coworkers play that song in their office every Friday. We we we so excited.


  3. Thank-you, Richard!! Totally!! Can't stand that song… now let me share the rest of my little list of most hated “Christmas” songs:-santa claus is coming to town by Bruce springsteen-christmas shoes, of course!! seriously? ridiculous!-that song talking about meeting his old lover in the store on Christmas eve, blah. how is that a christmas song?!?yes, i'm done now.


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