work party

Office Christmas parties have such potential for comedic material- but these pictures are about as funny as I can get.  The party was booked at a sports bar this year.  (Not just any sports bar, but one featured by Guy Fieri- Rick’s Press Room.) But despite its fame, some members of the staff thought it tacky to have a holiday party at a sports bar, so in the spirit of being tacky we all dressed up.  There wasn’t a specific decade chosen as a theme, just something fashionable from any decade other than this one.   Michelle took the prize for spending two hours crimping her hair.   I guess it could be debated whether or not some of these outfits were ever fashionable. 

The Christmas party itself was great.  I’ve been working at Carter Dental for five years now and since I only work one day a week I really look forward to other opportunities to spend time with these people.  All but one have been there as long or longer than I have, and Emily – the “newcomer”- was a patient before she was an employee. 

After Kathleen passed away there wasn’t a funeral or service.  We didn’t have the chance to sit share our memories and laugh about her quirks and outbursts.  Kathleen was incredibly kind, thus making said outbursts exceptionally entertaining.  So we took that chance at the Christmas party.  It personally gave me some closure, the chance to say goodbye to her through vocal tribute. 

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