Christmas 2011 – LOTSO PIX

Christmas 2011 brought the entire Tony & Cathy Hall family together, for one week all six children, their spouses and their children gathered.  All together there were 26 people, 16 adults and 10 grandchildren.  It was really great.  It doesn’t happen very often, given that only two of the six children reside in the same city, and that city not being the city where my parents live.  Unfortunately, the day the last of the gang arrived was the day that began the Great Hall Family Stomach Flu Epidemic.  Only a few blessed souls were spared.  My own little family were likely the ones who started the plague, ironic considering we were the only family not staying at my parent’s house.  But by Christmas Eve most were healthy again. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my family, but it was also sometimes chaotic, exhausting and busy busy busy.  But now, looking back through these pictures I feel so blessed. 
These pictures are poor in quality and although there seem to be many, there are not enough.  I’ll have to call upon the new family photog for more/better photos. 

Before the Hall festivities began we had Christmas with the Bird side of the family.  Miriam received a pair of boots but was initially excited about the green tissue paper, holding it up to her body as if it were clothing.

Simon finally received his own little article of Bronco gear, and it was much needed as his little “dome” is prone to getting cold. 

And then the descent of the ten Hall grandchildren on the Hall household. This was after the Christmas Eve pajama unwrapping.   Missing are the newest babies, Eve and Sonya.  Present are [from left to right]: Miriam, Thea, Grace, Cameron, Simon, Charlie, Eli and Antonia.

Here is what seems to be a bad picture, that actually captures perfectly our way of life around here. 

A little better. 

2011 was the year of the babies for the Halls.  [And Birds for that matter!]  It was all things baby with new high-tech moniters, sleep-deprived parents, juggling schedules around breast-feeding and OH THE DIAPERS!


No babies yet for these two, thank goodness!


Cameron, with solicited support from his dad, Charlie and uncles, organized a flag football game in the backyard.  They played for a long time and I think it was probably the highlight of the holiday for my little football junkie. 

I might have to take that back.  My dad organized a Minute-to-Win-It competition that probably trumped even the football game in Cameron’s esteem.  To this day, any time we go over to my parents Cameron is scheming up some MTWI challenges. 

For these two, marshmallows and chocolate chips were the greater temptation than frantically shaking their heads with a pedometer strapped on, or stacking things with chopsticks. 

I can’t quite remember what this was all about, but it needed to be included.  Brit and Jenessa were team-mates for MTWI.  I think it was some code that they came up with that said “These Halls are crazy, what have we married in to?”


Then of course there was bowling, dining out and lots of talking.  Those are the things we do best.  Well, except for bowling.

One thought on “Christmas 2011 – LOTSO PIX

  1. Simon's face in the all-grandchildren picture could have been the entire post and it would have been worth it. Simon is the true master of the Furrowed Bird Brow.


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