And we have a 5-year old again

Eli’s Super Mario birthday party with cousins and friends.

A litte Mario memory….

Wonder what five-year-olds wish for…

The party crew.

Eli is, like most of us, a paradox.  I know I’ve talked about it before but he can be our most affectionate child and our most distant child.  He is smart, but a bit lazy.  When he decides to work, he works hard, but its nigh impossible to get him motivated.  He is aware of his siblings and concerned [in excess] about their well-being.  He has hyper-sensitive senses: hates loud noise, weird food textures, bright lights, he can smell his favorite foods from a mile away and his fears are a little bit on the phobic side.  He loves video games and computer games, it has been and will continue to be a delicate balance of regulating them.   He has a great sense of humor and will be the family member who puts us in fits of laughter by reciting movie lines.  He lives the phrase “stop and smell the roses” like it’s his religion.  He loves to look at maps and the GPS on my phone.  For his birthday we gave him our old digital camera because he loves to take pictures and I still haven’t deleted the 300+ pictures he took on my phone. 

He has his niche in our family and we feel so blessed to have him. 

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