Spirit of Boise

***This is from August of 2012. Yep. I’m all over the place.

I had heard of the Spirit of Boise Classic, where hot air balloons from all over the country come to Boise and all launch together.  I was lukewarm about wanting to go, until I got a raving review from James, who had me determined to experience it.  It was everything James said it would be. 

I dragged the kids out of bed and dressed them in layers and loaded them in the minivan. Richard had expressed a desire to get some extra sleep instead of going to the event so the kids and I headed out quietly.  

The morning was so beautiful. The balloons launch right at sunrise, so there we were with our blanket spread out on the damp grass, SURROUNDED by hot air balloons.  It was breathtaking as they filled up and rose up off the ground, every where you turned you could see a different brightly colored giant billows of fabric. 

The famous Mickey balloon.  Tell me that famous mouse smile doesn’t make you all warm and fuzzy…

This was for documentation purposes- this is a favorite Simon position.  He is such a snuggler. Especially when his mom drug him out of bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Brace yourself for the cliché- but the look of wonder in your child’s eyes is just so priceless. 

Then of course- DOUGHNUTS for breakfast on the way home.  Nom nom. 
(That’s the cool way to say yummy.)

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