political apropos

(Did I use that term in an appropriate context?)

In this season of intense political warfare, a few thoughts from some smart people. 

Firstly- Meredith my political sunshine:

“Democrats and Republicans have such different experiences, today, that their realities are fundamentally different. And thus, their interpretation of the “facts” will not coalesce. Ben Smith at Buzzfeed expanded on this by suggesting this divergence of realities is much more amplified this election season because in the United States now have such stark divisions in our media, that our “realities” are reinforced by an “authority” (the media). And i would take it one step further and extend this media reinforcement to include venues where likeminded people come together via online groups and forums to agree on perceived realities. in sum, falsehoods can become facts when enough people confirm them, and more than ever today, there are places to go for the affirmation.”

Secondly – Dallin H. Oaks:

“That the Constitution was ratified is largely attributable to the fact that the principal leaders in the states were willing to vote for a document that failed to embody every one of their preferences.

In other words, one should not expect perfection—one certainly should not expect all of his personal preferences—in a document that must represent a consensus. One should not sulk over a representative body’s failure to attain perfection. Americans are well advised to support the best that can be obtained in the circumstances that prevail. That is sound advice not only for the drafting of a constitution but also for the adoption and administration of laws under it.”

Third – Benjamin Franklin:

“For having lived long, I have experienced many Instances of being oblig’d, by better Information or fuller Consideration, to change Opinions even on important Subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise”

and lastly my ever-wise big brother Bryan:

“Arguably, [an individual] should find the best in conservativism (traditional family values, religiously-rooted morality, self-reliance, etc.) as compelling as the best in liberalism (visiting and caring for the poor, helping those who cannot help themselves, constant striving to improve others’ quality of life, etc.). I am heartily skeptical of the side that claims so adamantly to have a monopoly on The Good.” 

I hope they don’t mind me sharing their words.  I would love to write my own thoughts on the subject, but while I cut and pasted the above quotes Mim and Si were accomplishing this:

It is Rice Krispies.  It is karma for when I did the same thing with Cheerios as a child.  It is why I must choose between neglecting the blog or neglecting the children.  It is time for this mom to put her laptop away. 

And yes, Miriam is wearing Eli’s underwear. 

2 thoughts on “political apropos

  1. first, OH. MY. GOSH. I JUST LOVE THAT MIM!! happy to see she has an accomplice in simon. you're children are to die for.and second, i am HONORED to be quoted on your blog!!! it made my day! and your brother Bryan's quote is fantastic. i couldn't agree more. i was just talking about you, this weekend, ps. i love that our online friendship is so strong 😉 xo


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