and I was proud

It’s dangerous to write a post after midnight.  In the morning when my more reasonable, less vulnerable self returns I might be embarrassed.  Oh well.

I can’t sleep, too many thoughts… and I’m a little afraid of what I’m going to dream about. 

I was thinking though, about how these tragedies can bring out the best in us.  We are more kind, we are more gentle, we are more loving.  We give virtual hugs and we are quick to forget the things we were arguing about yesterday.  My heart aches, and yet it is so full of love, I feel like I could hug anyone that would let me, or anyone who needed it. 

But then I thought, it’s too bad that it takes a tragedy to make us feel that way. 

Then, a few minutes ago while trying to distract myself in cyberspace, I came across this video.  I don’t know whether I laughed or cried more.  (A happy, emotionally exhausted cry.)

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

Anyway, I realized that the world is full of good, and although tragedies give us opportunity for unity, there is kindness all around.  I thought, there is so much love in communities, so much love in our country, and so much love in humanity. 

And I was proud.

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