January Leftovers

I couldn’t bring myself to go all the way back to a year ago, so I’m starting with 2013 and I’ll get to the rest later. Maybe.

I’m not sure how global warming amounts to the coldest January on record in Boise, but I guess it does.  Something to do with more extremes in temperatures I guess, but I’m no scientist.   Did I already mention that the heater in the old van left much to be desired and on these freakishly cold mornings, when the temperature hovered around 11 degrees, I would throw the kids winter coats in the dryer to get them warm, and then at the last minute put them on for the quick drive to school? Oh I did? Sorry.  I’m so glad we got a new van because this winter I think it’s our dryer that’s not up for the task.

We had one last night out with the Steven’s before they returned from winter holidays back to Vegas.  The boys were with Richard watching a football game and the other cousins had already left town.  I think Miriam and Thea liked have some time to nurture their blossoming BFF status. 

Is there such a thing as cabin fever where you’re itching to get INSIDE a cabin? January is kick-off for Richard’s busy season so one weekend I packed up the kids and we headed for the hills. It was so “Jo” I think I gave Richard a heart attack. Spontaneous, in the middle of winter, and I learned how to put chains on the van.  It was an adventure but the kids ate it up. We rented a cabin and spent a few days doing puzzles, watching movies, playing board games and reading books.  We also went sledding and drank a lot of hot chocolate. It was so fantastic I think it might be a new tradition. 

Simon is such a deadly combination of daring, careless, and clumsy. But he loved the sled more than anyone.  He laughed and laughed even after he wiped out a few times. 

It was really cold outside.  We couldn’t stay out there for more than 30 minutes at a time.  And one minute too long resulted in emotional break-downs
If there was a silver lining to the brutally cold January, it was these mornings.  Of course the pictures don’t do it justice, do they ever? But it was these glorious blue skies with these crystals that were sometimes an inch high on EVERYTHING.  It really was breath-taking. I’ve never seen anything like it.  At the time I had just finished reading Mansfield Park and I was reminded of Fanny, and how she never took nature’s details for granted.  Since she is a fictitious character and I couldn’t call her up to share the moment with me, I settled for the next best and called my dad. 

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