From the phone – February

I discovered it’s much easier to get the pics from my phone on my blog if I just blog from my phone. But that’s a pain to do all the time so I’ll just do a blog feature of “From the Phone.” (I’m sooo creative,huh?)

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram this might be redundant.

At the library. We sometimes read books but usually just go for the “Music and Movement” class where Miriam feels like a performer. 

Lazy Sunday afternoon. I can’t believe this ever happened. Talk about a facade!
Eli’s Artoo-Detoo Valentine box. (Go ahead and debate the spelling Star Wars geeks.) 

The wedding of “Q” and “U”. An annual tradition at Reed Elementary. Clever, clever vows.

Just another day in the life of Simon. 
That’s my hipster Eli. The tie MUST go on the outside he says. 
Martina McBride and George Strait. We learned that George had a LOT of popular songs before we started listening to him. 

My annual haircut. Why can’t I seem to get more regular hair care?

That’s enough for now. My thumbs are tired. 

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