St. Patrick’s Day Run 2014

This was our FIFTH year doing the St. Patty’s day race.  I can’t believe it.  (It was race #5 for Cameron and #3 for Eli.  I don’t know why I didn’t make it #1 for Mim… I guess I’m gender biased.)  But I’m NOT! Because I cheered super loud when the first three finishers were all girls! I was so impressed.  I’ve never seen that happen before.  They smoked the boys. 

 Eli (in the back)
 Accepting their awards…

This year Richard and I decided to let the boys run on their own, without either of us along with them.  Eli was really nervous about that, and we tried to psyche him up the whole way to the race by reminding him that he had done this race before and he knew the route and he was going to be just fine.  When Richard and I both heard that they had changed the route we looked at each other in a bit of a panic.  Don’t they know they can’t do that to OUR son!?!  
But we explained the change, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  He put on a brave face and off they went.  I think having them run on their own actually helped them run faster.  Cameron took first place in his age group and Eli took second place in his.  To his advantage, Eli’s age group was six and under, and he will be seven in a few weeks. (There I go qualifying his win…)  But he was so proud and we were so proud too.  Seeing Cameron succeed is fun, but he can be a little excessive with his celebration.  Seeing Eli succeed is profoundly satisfying, because he is so subtle and meek.  

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