And We’re Off

Our house has tenants.  Our cars are sold.  Our goodbyes are said.  And our 12 suitcases have been packed.  Four backpacks are loaded with snacks and coloring books and we have passports ready to go. 

It was nearly eight months ago when we first started talking about London, and I remember one night telling Richard

“I’m letting my hopes go sky high.  I know they might come crashing down, and the disappointment might be more severe, but for tonight, I’m dreaming big.” 

For months my excitement never waned.  

Then in the last month I’ve faced some feelings that even my excitement couldn’t be an antidote for.  Sadness, stress and general feelings of nervousness and being overwhelmed weighed heavy on me.  Going through all the motions of closing a life was hard.  One of Richard’s future coworkers had warned us it would be excruciating. 

And now here I sit, having trudged through the swamp of cancelling, arranging, packing and departing, full of excitement again. I’m glad to have it back, I’ll need some adrenaline to get through the next few hours, days and weeks.  


One thought on “And We’re Off

  1. I’ll be thinking about you over these next few days and I am excited to follow all of your adventures. I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be and more! Good luck!


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