It’s not the greatest picture but it’s our view from our apartment on our last night.

Today Richard left church early to meet the inventory clerk at our new house.  The kids and I walked down the hill after church because our car was stuffed full of suitcases.  It was really exciting.   (That was not sarcastic.) 

Of course as soon as I walked into the house my battery died on my camera.  So I took some photos with my phone before the IKEA truck arrived and the suitcases were brought it in and everything turned to chaos.  But it’s a tedious process getting the pictures from my phone onto this blog so it will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I love our house. I’ll be honest, it’s kind of in the ghetto.  It’s on a nice street in a nice neighborhood but we don’t exactly live in Notting Hill.  Lewisham isn’t a trendy part of London at all, but we opted for a short commute time into the city for both Richard getting to work at Canary Wharf, and for me to get into Central London. 

But the house itself has loads of charm.  I’ll write more about it tomorrow. 

We went out for lunch, and figured we could have cereal for dinner.  (We happened to have  cereal and milk.)  But we didn’t have spoons so at 6:15pm I tried to go buy spoons and everything was closed. People had warned me about this but I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself.  I returned home empty-handed, but the kids were hungry so Richard went back out and found an Indian grocery store where he bought plastic spoons and something that resembled Ramen noodles.   Then we had cereal for dessert.  

Tonight Richard went to make some microwave popcorn only to discover we have no microwave.  But we DO have a steam oven. With an old piece of bread in it.  

[Anyone know how to use a steam oven?]

We couldn’t assemble any furniture because we have no tools, but fortunately we all have mattresses to sleep on.  

It feels so good to have a home again.  

14 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I’m excited to hear all about it! Don’t hold back anything! Pictures would be good too. I’m glad you’re back home too. Your hubby looked exhausted yesterday! Cameron was pretty excited to have you coming home too!


  2. So glad you have a mattress to sleep on. Everything else will fall into place. I used to love having bread and milk for dinner with my dad. Can’t wait to see pictures and more about your house. Have a good night sleep. 😴


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