Greenwich Park

Yesterday I took the kids to the Lewisham Library.  I took pictures at the library and of the Lewisham market, but I didn’t realize that I didn’t have my memory card in.  Boohoo! So we’ll have to do that again next week.  

For Family Home Evening last night we had a picnic at Greenwich park.  Cameron has been asking to go play football at a park every day since we moved here.   Our first football got kicked over the wall on our 20th floor apartment.  But that story another time…  So we finally replaced it with a new football and the kids were excited to use it. 


The walk to the park from our house takes about 20 minutes- the first half is all uphill- but so pretty! I just love these old brick walls and giant trees. Everything is so green- which is the silver lining to all those rain clouds I guess.


The kids take a rest after running up the hill. Fortunately the uphill was on the way TO the park so that their enthusiasm carried them through, and when they were exhausted on the way home it was all downhill.


This is the Blackheath common. It’s this huge expanse of land in the middle of the city. Some of it is lawn, but some of it is field like this. I’m grateful for it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m surprised they haven’t done anything with it. The English are all about preservation, so it’s great that it hasn’t been developed, but it’s not exactly the lovely green park you’ll find elsewhere. But maybe they like it that way. It’s only about ten minutes from our house and it’s a nice change of view.


The Gate to Greenwich Park. The park is the oldest of of the 8 Royal Parks in London, dating back to 1427. It is 183(!) acres and is well known for it’s great views from a couple of its hilltops. We didn’t explore it much this time but I’m sure we’ll be back.

Simon perfected the “flop.”
Richard was giving Mim a hard time about dancing during the football game, but she said she wasn’t dancing. She was being a helicopter. 
I was just experimenting with my camera and taking some action shots- which Eli found pretty impressive.  And by that I mean he was impressed with his action, not my shots.  
It was a beautiful evening in the park and I’m looking forward to exploring more parts of it.  

4 thoughts on “Greenwich Park

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen a park that beautiful. So many trees it looked like they all had a great time with do much area to pay in. What a great family home evening!


  2. Don’t be alarmed, but I’m completely fascinated by your experience in moving the fam to London. Wishing you adventure and pure delight! Looking forward to all the fun things you’ll be posting.


  3. Thank you for these great shots of the fam Jo. We need to see more of you though.
    I LOVED the action shots of Eli. Tell him he looked FIERCE.
    In my mind I pictured a football, but I can see that’s it’s a “futbol”.


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