More Exploration of Greenwich Park

This poor blog is horribly neglected when I become a gluttonous reader.  I’ve read two books in the last week, which is exactly the same number of books I read in the last year.  Yesterday I finished The Fault in Our Stars and if I had any book reviewing skills at all whatsoever I would offer my two cents.  I’ll just say that I read it gluttonously so I must have liked it.  And as soon as the movie is available to me (don’t ask me how or when that will be seeing as there is no Redbox here) I will watch it alone.  

On Wednesday we met up with our American friends, the Farmer family, at the Greenwich park playground.  We live near the southwest corner of the park and the playground is on the north end of the park so we took a bus this time.  But I told the kids we were going to walk home, back down through the park.  


Cameron photo-bombing my nice shot of the boating pond. Are they called peddle-boats or paddle-boats?


Oh my goodness! We finally got permanent internet and my photos are loading at lightning speed. Yay!


A good old fashioned see-saw. Or teeter-totter?


Cameron has recently become hyper-aware of his presence, of lack thereof, in all the photos I take so he is now suddenly very cooperative about my picture-taking.


The kids loved these little wood houses. I would have loved them too when I was a girl.


And of course, the new fixture of our park outings, Cameron in a pickup football game.


After our friends left Cameron begged to have some more time to try to get heat exhaustion so while he finished his game the kids found some more fun things to play on.


These springy, round wooden platforms demanded to be jumped on.

After all those shenanigans and we drug Cameron away from the game, we began our journey to the other side of the park.  It was really hot and humid and I had some cold drinks and cookies in my bag that I used to bribe the children up the hills.  

In the center of the park is the Royal Observatory which is the location of the Prime Meridian. But it sits on top of the highest hill in the park and I figured that was best left for a day when Richard could enjoy it with us. 

My friend Alison told me about these benches around London that have been painted “to represent a major landmark in literary history.”  I had forgotten all about it until we saw this one.  It is the first one we’ve seen. It depicts We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and it made me really excited to try and find more.  

The kids found this tree that made a nice umbrella shaped cave and they played there for a long time. Until someone had to wee and we had to find a toilet. Story of our lives.

We stopped and ate our cookies and drank our juice at the top of the hill.  Then we stopped a few other places so the kids could play and I could find some shade and attempt to cease the perpetual sweating.  No one told me London would be so hot! 

The park is beautiful.  We saw a flower garden and a gazebo but we still have yet to see the deer reserve and rose garden.  So much to explore!  

By the time we got home we were all thoroughly exhausted.  We licked ice lollies and lazed around and took naps and then went to dinner at Bucket Mouth because Richard had to work late.  I’ll write about Bucket Mouth another day.  

2 thoughts on “More Exploration of Greenwich Park

  1. I am so enjoying watching you explore and learn new things. I never realized how much fun it is to read your experiences and then think about ours.


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