Blackheath Beach

After Monday’s outing to Ladywell Fields and in anticipation of our arriving pallet, we stayed home Tuesday to clean up and get the house organized.  Wednesday I didn’t do much besides look out the window.  So Thursday we went to Blackheath Beach with the Farmers.  One of those pumped-in-sand-without-water beaches.  The sand was worth it though.  it was more like powdered sugar than sand.  It was soooo soft.  
There was a little fountain so the kids could get their sand wet to build a sand castle.  We buried each other’s legs and exfoliated our skin.   Even though they limit the number of people who can come in, it was pretty crowded and there was a little tyke there who was determined to be a bully.  But we had a good time, and it’s always nice to talk to a friend without worrying about someone drowning. 
The weather was perfect too, not to hot but warm enough to get wet and sandy.  We were so sandy in fact that I decided to walk home.  The “beach” is right across the street from our church and so we knew the walk well.  (No risk of getting lost.)  And it’s all downhill.  

Belmont Hill is the road by our house that takes us to church, and to the charming village of Blackheath.  But I just love these old brick walls and these ancient street signs.  

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