Baca and Grandpa Hall come to Town

I was so excited about posting about Scotland that I skipped over a few days.  My parents came to visit and arrived on Monday August 19th .  

(As a side note- when Cameron was little he couldn’t say Grandma, so he started called both his grandmothers “Baca” and the name just stuck.) 

We decided to meet Baca and Grandpa in Canary Wharf because we were all excited and I thought it would be easier than trying to have them find their way to our house.  So we took the DLR into Canary Wharf and played at the park until we heard from them.  I didn’t take my camera with me so all I have from that day are photos from my phone.  

We had some quick lunch in Canada Square at Cafe Nero where I did the most important thing Halls do- and I introduced them to my favorite new dessert, the Millionaire bar.  

Since they had their luggage with them we decided to come back home.  I assumed they would want a nap but after we got back to our house and did a quick home-tour they said they would rather try and push through to night.  We decided to walk to Greenwich, through the park, and meet up with Richard for dinner at Goddard’s.  

We walked through the park and stopped at the Royal Observatory, where the prime meridian runs and the point from which time is measured throughout the entire world.  We saw a couple more of the benches from the “Books About Town.” 


The Time Machine- H.G. Wells


The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

By the time we got to the park playground it started pouring rain- but the kids wanted so badly to play after walking all that way.  Finally we sought refuge in the Maritime Museum for a brief visit until Richard could get to Greenwich.  Then we went to Goddard’s for traditional pie and mash, and blackcurrant crumble.  (Second favorite dessert. Or maybe my favorite but the millionaire bar is easier to access. )

After that my mom realized she had left her Oyster card at home so she took my dad’s and we took the littles home on the DLR and Richard walked with my dad and Cameron.  

At the time I am writing this my dad has already left and gone back to the states, but it was such a pleasure to have him here and watch him explore and appreciate all the things we love about our life here.  We would love to share that excitement with ANYONE who wants to come visit us.  So there’s that.  

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