We didn’t make it up to the highlands of Scotland, the home of Loch Ness and Loch Lomond.  I’m disappointed about that, but committed to making another pilgrimage to the north to give it a second chance.  But I did get to see the Scotland of my dreams in the small town of Dunkeld.  We came upon it accidentally, we were looking for something else but as soon as we drove through I begged Richard to pull over so I could walk around a bit.  Miriam and Simon had fallen asleep, but Cameron and my parents came with me.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures, which is why Dunkeld has the honor of its own blog post.  

I’m not really a big fan of editing, I like having a photo that depicts the view I saw, as I saw it.  (Although a photagraph can rarely do justice to the beauty of the sight seen first hand.)  That’s not to say that I don’t think photo editing could be a legitimate form of artwork, I’m just not artistically inclined so I prefer to leave my photos as they are.  But if I did have some photo editing skills, I bet these pictures could be made to look even more glorious.  

Sometimes I daydream about having another life in a place like this. I imagine being a writer, and sitting down by the river Tay for inspiration.  I love rivers; REALLY love them.  I think I’ll add this little town to my favorite places on Earth, alongside Island Park, Gettysburg, and Lake Louise.  

After we left Dunkeld we drove up to Dundee, Scotland or more specifically Broughty Ferry.  We checked in at the Stonelee Guest House and met the kindest hosts.  We had a late dinner at a place called The Glass House Restaurant, where we sighed gratitude for an outdoor playground where the kids could play before and after dinner, and licked our plates clean from sticky toffee pudding.  

2 thoughts on “Dunkeld

  1. Your trip sounds amazing! I’m going to brag that Danny is a direct decendant to a line or Lords and Earls of Kilmarnock around 1300-1700. I think that is pretty close to Edinburgh.


  2. Jo those pictures are amazing. I can only imagine what they look like in person. Can’t wait to have dinner with your parents to beat all about their awesome time in London with you guys. Hope all is well. Keep sending those beautiful pictures. 😀


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