Simon’s First Day of School

When we first found out about moving to London, my friend Michelle told me that the government sponsors 15 hours a week of free education for three year olds.  Right away I knew it was something I wanted to do for Simon and for me.  The idea of having all four kids in school each week for 15 hours was too hard to resist! But I also knew how much Simon would love it. He is such a social kid, he loves being around other kids and other adults too.  He’s not shy and he’ll make friends with anyone.  Even on the bus or train or at the grocery store,  he will sit by anyone, talk to anyone, shake hands with anyone.  

But then in a later moment of sentimentality I realized that if I sent Simon to school 15 hours a week, that would be 15 hours a week of time I wouldn’t be spending with my littlest dude.  He’s such a fun buddy, and did I really want to miss out on that?  Fortunately that moment of sentimentality was short-lived and I realized that I would still have plenty of time with my little guy and I can’t deny him this opportunity to get British education.  

Oh that kid. 

The Nursery School (American equivalent= Preschool) is part of Lucas Vale for all intents and purposes but also operates in it’s own system as well.  So Simon’s start date was different than Cameron and Eli’s start dates but came before Miriam’s start date.  I still haven’t figured that all out, but I do know that they stagger-start the little kids to avoid having a classroom full of meltdowns for the first week.  

Simon had an induction just like Miriam, where we went to the classroom and he met the teachers and some of the other children.  He loved it, he jumped right in, he was happy.  The plan for starting nursery is that on the first day the parents are allowed to stay for 30 minutes, then they must leave for 30 minutes and then come back and pick up the kid, for a total of one hour of nursery time.  The second day parents can stay for only a few minutes and leave the child for 2 hours, and then by the third day, if the child is adjusting well the parents leave the him/her for the entire three hours.  

Simon was so excited to start school on his first day.  He does this funny thing when he is really excited where he takes deep gasping breaths, and stutters his words.  It’s adorable and hilarious.  He did that the whole way to school, talking about what a big boy he was.  My mom was still here so I left Miriam with her so I could stay in Simon’s class for 30 minutes with him.  But the minute we walked in he ditched his backpack and went on his way, never turning back. Needless to say I didn’t stay for 30 minutes, and he waved to me on my way out.  

Simon has been going to school now for two weeks and he loves it.  His teacher is Miss Ahmed and the other nursery teachers are Miss Julie, Mr. Mickey and Miss Sam.  His friends are Eric and Tolu and he loves the slide and singing songs. He sings his nursery songs all day long to my utter delight.  He hasn’t picked up an accent yet, but once in awhile he will say a word in a purely British way and we will all laugh- which makes him laugh.  Our favorite is when he says “Toe-mah-toes.” 

3 thoughts on “Simon’s First Day of School

  1. Those are classic Simon faces in those pictures. Oh, how I can’t wait to get my arms around that boy! And all of them. He is truly unique and amazing.


  2. He is so cute and looks so grown up in his uniform. Are the rest of the kids getting a British accent? The pictures are priceless.


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