Grandpa Bird

Gordon arrived exactly one week after Julie came.  The kids were on half-term holiday all week so on Monday we spent some time in the city together.  

Green Park – just outside Buckingham Palace.


Buckingham Palace


Walking down The Mall from the palace to Trafalgar Square.


It was such a gorgeous day. I couldn’t get over it. We walked through a couple different parks and everything was so Autumnish.


Mim and Grandpa in front of the Horse Guards Parade.


We timed it so we could see the changing of the guard and I have to say the horses and the guards and the uniforms were all impressive but the ceremony itself was a little disappointing.


Riding on the double-decker red bus for the true London experience…


Look at that blue sky. Just look at it! *SIGH*


The view from a bridge in St. James’s Park- you can see Buckingham Palace through the trees.

Gordon and Julie and Cam and Eli met up with Richard late in the afternoon to visit the Churchill War Rooms and Museum while I took the littles home,  

On Tuesday Gordon and Julie ventured out to the city without us so I could get everything ready for our trip the next day. 


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