Battersea Park Fireworks 

Fireworks in the winter is a really great idea, because it gets dark so much earlier.  

Except it’s cold.  And in November in London, rain is statistically likely.  

The first couple weeks of November are full of fun activities in London to celebrate Guy Fawke’s Day.  I’ve never heard of a holiday that celebrates someone’s failure, but that is exactly what Guy Fawke’s Day is.   He was arrested and brutally tortured and executed because of his failed Gunpowder Plot to assassinate James I of England.   God save the King.  So now on November 5th, and the days surrounding it, there are fireworks displays and massive bonfires.  

Richard got tickets to the Battersea Park Firework Show on Saturday night, because he knows I love this sort of thing. And in London, apparently tickets are required to fireworks shows in popular parks.  It turned out to be one of those things that will be a great memory, but in the moment was less than ideal. 

It rained the entire night.  And nothing gets cancelled in London for rain, because well, it’s London.  Fortunately we were mostly prepared and all wore layers, wellies, and toted brollies.  We also forgot cash, so Richard had to march down the lane of food vendors until he found one, (the very last one of course) that took a card.  There was a massive bonfire, that was so warm we could feel the heat from several yards away.  There were flame-throwers, and then of course the fireworks show which was synced to music.  The fireworks were good, but not phenomenal. 

I didn’t get any pictures of the fireworks because my camera battery died right after this picture. 


Mmm. Soggy chips.

Fortunately Richard snapped a couple pictures with his phone.  

By the time the fireworks were over the park was seriously a muddy swamp. Richard was the only one who didn’t have wellies and his feet were soaked through, and his shoes were ruined.  If I had to advertise wellies I would talk about this night.  You know how when it’s raining or wet outside the water gradually creeps up your pants until you are wet up to your knees?  Wellies are a safeguard against that.  Of course in the picture above you can see that Mim and Simon’s pants are wet, but that was just because they are wild and reckless children and even in the rain they play tag and fall down and kneel on we grass.  MY pants were completely dry, and my feet were totally warm and cozy.  Wellies for the win. Even Richard was convinced by the end of the night that he needed a pair.  


Def the biggest bonfire I have, like. Ever. Seen.


“It’s so hot!”

We totally did the lame thing and watched the firework finale as we tried to make our way out of the park ahead of the crowds, it kind of backfired because we didn’t get to enjoy the finale and we still got stuck in the masses.  I seriously couldn’t believe how muddy it was.  

We made our way back to the train station and of course the trains were delayed and the platform was so crowded I was going to have a panic attack from fear that one of the kids would get nudged over the edge, so I insisted we take a different train home, which made for a longer journey.  

I think the kids had fun, despite the inclement weather, and Richard and I can look back on it and laugh it off as one of those memories.  

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