Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

I first heard of Winter Wonderland when I was reading Tanya’s blog and it immediately became my number one priority for the Christmas season. (That’s a bit pathetic now that I think about it.)  I was seriously so excited.  It just looked so festive, food-y and fun.  The only problem was I couldn’t decide if we should go during daylight at the warmest part of the day, or at night when everything was all lit up.  So I planned it that we could be there during the last couple hours of daylight and into the darkness. (Which fortunately happens at 4:00 during this time of the year.) 

It was a gorgeous day with bright blue skies.  It was cold outside but we dressed warm and we were comfortable for the most part.  (Until the sun went down.)


DLR to Canary Wharf – Jubilee line on the Underground to Green Park station.

It was really everything I wanted it to be.  It was so festive.  Christmas music playing, everything was decorated in  Scandinavian and Bavarian themes.  The food.  Oh the food! We tried churros with chocolate, German soft pretzels with melted cheese and bacon, candy, hot choccy…  

But it was soooo crowded. I’m determined to find a way around that next year because it stressed me out a bit and one simply does not want stress at Winter Wonderland.  

We let each of the kids choose two rides and then we just wandered and ate.  

I had to ride the swings.  The swings have always been my favorite carnival ride.  But I must say- it was so cold! It offered rewarding views of the Hyde Park though. 

I love this picture! Richard talked Cameron into a roller coaster and Cam looks pretty wary.


Eli was in all-out panic about Richard and Cameron going on the roller coaster. He was sure they were going to die.


Simon too.


2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of Toblerone. I wish!


After I went on the pansy swings I saw THESE swings. I decided I would save them for next year (BRRRR!) and Eli begged me the rest of the night to promise him I would never ride those swings.

After we were all pretty well worn out we decided to walk back out a different way than we came in, and realized that we had really only been through a part of the whole fair.  There were more rides, more food and more fun to be had but the money was spent and the kids were getting really cold.  We had a lot of fun and I have one year to convince Eli that the high swings are safe.  

One thought on “Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

  1. What a great post Jo. You captured the kids emotions so well on the rides and being afraid. I loved the Tinkerbell plane.
    I can’t imagine how neat it was to be there. Thanks for sharing.


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