Busy Season


A gorgeous sunny winter day in Canary Wharf.

January is notorious with accountants worldwide for the beginning of the most arduous weeks of the calendar year from a professional standpoint.  We have known many a busy season in our home- many busy seasons that have involved extensive travel and Saturday work-days.  Fortunately none of Richard’s busy seasons have lived up to the horror stories we have heard and continue to hear, but make no mistake, we know the busy season.  

This year I decided to take January easy.  I gave myself a pass to take a break from tourism and just spend the cold and dreary days at home reading, resting and taking on most parental responsibilities while Richard work work worked.  We made no plans for our weekends and we just laid low. 

Richard and I both braced ourselves for his busy season, for late nights and long Saturdays.  And then they never came.  One week Richard was feeling worn out and we laughed about it, because he said that the lack of intensity meant there was no adrenaline kick-in that usually helps him get through this time of year. He has had busy days for sure, but we’ve counted our blessings that by and large he has been able to meet his responsibilities in his regular work week.  And his travel, a quick trip to Basel and a delightful jaunt in Barcelona, were nothing to complain about.  

[ Somewhat related anecdote: Last week, I signed up for a continuing education class so that I would be able to renew my hygiene license in Idaho.  I made arrangements for all the kids, and my friend Nicole planned to pick up Simon from school.  At a break during my course (which lasted all day) I noticed I had missed two calls from Simon’s school so I texted Richard and asked him to call the school.  Simon ended up vomiting at school, and on the bus with Nicole, but Richard was able to leave work and go pick him up and take him home.  It was so frustrating to me that the ONE DAY I make myself unavailable is the day that my child pukes at school. But it was such a relief that Richard was able to step in.  Richard’s work experience here has been so much less demanding than it was back in the states and I think we are both going to miss that quite a bit when we return.]

In any case, January turned out to be a dull and uneventful month for the Birds across the pond.  And I’m considering that a success!  

A few January photos from my phone that didn’t make it onto Instagram:


Simon really beat himself up, and it included our first to A&E (Accident & Emergency). Fortunately he didn’t need stitches. Not pictured: We also had our second trip to A&E when Eli had a freak Wii accident and ended up with a concussion. He scared himself and me quite a bit when he said he couldn’t see clearly. After some phone calls and Voxes to the medical experts in the family, and especially after he started vomiting Richard took him in. He ended up being fine, but did have headaches for a few days.


Aunt Brit and gang sent us a Sunshine packaged that produced a surprising amount of entertainment in the not so sunny month of January.


“Tea time” at Oliver and Kasper’s house.


Some Sunday afternoon “Spoons” action.

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