Regent’s Park

This week the weather has taken a turn back to cold, windy and rainy.  But for the two weeks prior, it was gorgeous.  In fact, I downloaded my first audio book during the warmest week of the year so far, and I found myself walking everywhere I possibly could.  I could write an entire post about my first Audible experience, and maybe I will.  But I found a new way to walk to Simon’s school to pick him up, and I would leave about 15 minutes early so I could sit in this charming park and listen to the book whilst watching the fountain and smelling the amazing aromas of all the flowers that bloom here.  They are mostly blossoming trees and bushes, and they are lovely.  Typically they say “April showers bring May flowers” but in London, I say “November, December, January, February and March showers bring April flowers.”  April in London has been completely wonderful.  People keep telling me that my face looks tan, which for once in my life actually worries me a bit, so I might need to start wearing a hat of some sort.  

During the warm spell one day I picked up Simon from school and we went into the city to Regent’s Park, mostly so I could see some tulips.  It is one of the Royal Parks of London, and I’ve decided that in another life I would like to be a gardener for the Royal Parks.  (In another life I would also like to work for a TV drama series and be the person who selects the music that plays in the poignant moments. Best. job. ever.) 

We walked through a lot of the park but of course still didn’t see half of it.  


This was my favorite flower. Does anyone know what it is? It was so pretty surrounded by white tulips.


Picnic spot.


You can see how all the Londoners were excited to be getting some Vitamin D.


Of course the last stop before heading home had to be the playground. This was the first time I had Simon wear his highlighter polo into the city with me, and it was brilliant. So helpful, especially on the playground.

From the park we walked up Camden high street toward the tube station and it was happening! I really wanted to take a photo of a man, probably in his 60’s, barefoot with dreads. writing inspirational thoughts on the pavement with sidewalk chalk.  He was probably homeless and I didn’t have any money to give him, and I always worry that people would feel objectified if I ask for a picture so I didn’t.  But he was a character. 

 I’ve gotten pretty good at finding my way around the city, and I’ve become pretty proficient about making transfers on public transport and finding the best way home, but in Camden I was in a new part of the city, a part I’d never been to and was totally unfamiliar with.  So after taking the underground one stop, I didn’t recognise the name of the station and I panicked.  I was sure I was lost and there is no cell service underground, so Simon and I trekked up to street level and I called Richard and asked him to go pick up the kids from school because I would never make it in time.  (The benefits of his short commute!)  It turns out I was right where I needed to be, I wasn’t lost at all, and Simon and I actually got home before Richard and the kids.  Oops.  

2 thoughts on “Regent’s Park

  1. I wish my yard looked like the gardens. So beautiful! I keep saying I need to make an app that identifies plants. I would love to know the name of that flower as well.


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