Halloween 2015

Last year on Halloween we were traveling so the kids completely missed out, and I didn’t want to do that to them again this year. (Although none of them ever said a word about it.) Adri & Charlie were here so we decided to do some trick-or-treating in St. John’s Wood, in northwest London, where a lot of Americans live.  

A lot of wealthy Americans I might add.  

It’s a really nice neighborhood, and it was the most American interaction I’ve had during our whole time in London.  There were even basketball hoops in driveways.  Driveways!  And some of them were handing out actual American Halloween candy.  (Halloween candy here is a total let-down.) One woman said her husband had bought bags and bags when he was in the states on business.  Mmm mini Snickers and Nerds and Laffy Taffy…

Earlier in the day Richard had taken the older boys to the Tower of London and Adri and I just killed time with the littles.  I put baby powder in Mim’s hair to make it look more white for her Elsa costume.  (Handmade by my amazing seamstress mother.)  

We met back up at London Bridge, the boys changed into their costumes, and we took the tube up to St. John’s Wood.  When we got there it was still light outside (around 4:30) and pleasantly warm and not crowded at all.  


Fireman Simon


Pharaoh Eli


Ninja Charlie


Elsa Mim


Football (Soccer) Player Cameron

It was completely delightful when we first started out.  We talked to the expat families.  We had the sidewalk to ourselves.  We nibbled on candy.  Then as soon as it got dark, like ants pouring from a burning log came the children…
It got so crowded so fast, it was hard to keep track of who was where and there were so many kids and parents that the people in their houses handing out candy never had to close their door.  

We persevered for a little while but the kids burned out pretty quickly once the darkness and crowds came.  Things got scarier for Simon and Mim’s feet were hurting.  The older kids didn’t offer any resistance when we decided to call it a night.  

We took the train home, ordered Nando’s take-away and ate candy.  It was still a British Halloween success.  

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