Christmas 2015

Our two Christmases in London have been pleasantly quiet, cozy and relaxed.  This year especially, because we didn’t have to get ready for a trip the next day like we did last year.  On Christmas Eve we went and saw the Charlie Brown movie, came home and had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner (Bird family tradition) and then went to our ward’s Christmas Eve Carol service.  The carol service just feels exactly like the right thing to do on Christmas Eve.  

We came home, the kids opened their gifts, which were “dressing gowns”, we did a few other festive things and then they all went to bed.  We let them all sleep together in Cameron and Eli’s room, and miraculously they had no trouble falling asleep.  

They all creeped into our room on Christmas morning around 7:00am, which was a pleasant surprise, but still didn’t feel like enough sleep for the late-nighter parents.   I made them each have a piece of toast for breakfast and then the magic began.  (I thought about doing some delicious Christmas breakfast, but that’s just not what kids of their ages appreciate.)  


Cameron got a football goal from Santa and some football/athletic clothing from us. Mim got a Frozen Castle from Santa and some Hello Kitty slippers from us.

The kids each got one gift from Santa, one gift from Richard and I, and then some books.  (And then there were gifts from grandparents.)  

Simon got a Union Jack sherpa blanket from Santa (he had previously hijacked MY sherpa blanket) and a Manchester United football kit from us.


Eli got a magic set from Santa and a Manchester United football kit from us.


Santa also brought each of the kids an American food. Cameron – poptarts, Eli – mac & cheese, Mim – Frozen cereal and Simon – Teddy Grahams.

I. love. Christmas.  I know it’s a bit materialistic, and I’m trying each year to be more careful about that, but I also just really love watching my kids open presents.  And I’m so grateful we’re blessed to be able to do that.  

Richard bought me a new laptop- which was completely unexpected but also completely what I wanted.  

We spent Christmas day just relaxing and playing around with our new things.  Then we ate a nice Christmas dinner together, with Christmas crackers of course.  

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