The London Transport Museum & Covent Garden – #3

During the week between Christmas and New Year’s, Richard had to spend a day catching up on some online training for work, so I took the kids into the city.  We referred back to our trusty City Walks with Kids (I’m super excited because I just ordered the New York City version.)  and found one that looked fun.  

The first stop was the Tin TIn Shop. Tin TIn is a famous European cartoon character from comics that were published from 1929-1976 by a Belgian cartoonist.  It has been one of the most popular comics of the 20th century in Europe, but apparently never took hold in the U.S.  We bought a Tin Tin comic book, but the kids really didn’t know much about Tin Tin or his cute dog Snowy so we didn’t stay long in the shop.  


DLR to Canary Wharf, Jubilee Line to London Bridge, Nothern Line to Covent Garden.

The Tin Tin shop is just around the corner from Covent Garden, where there are always entertaining buskers.  Mim loved this silver lady.  
There is a small creperie in the basement of the market so we went there for lunch.  I’ve been there a few times, and it was delicious as usual.  

Patiently waiting for his banana and honey crepe.


The rest of us had some version of nutella, strawberries, cream and belgian chocolate.


Eli devouring the Tin Tin comic book while he waits.


Not bad for a reluctant smile because I wouldn’t let him get a soda.

After lunch we went to a couple small toy shops in Covent Garden and the kids used some money they had earned to do a little shopping.  Next we went to the London Transport Museum which is just outside Covent Garden.  All the photos I took in the museum I took with my phone.
The museum was really interesting.  It covered public transport in London for the last 200 years.  It was chronologically organized and had trains and buses and carriages from each era that you could see up close and climb inside.  There was also a children’s activity page that the kids punched along the way.  We had a really fun time and stayed a lot longer than I had expected to.  
After we left the museum the kids begged for a snack so we bought some crisps to eat on the tube.  I was discussing with a friend recently about how much our recreational activities revolve around food, and it’s so true.  Whenever I’m out with the kids they always want to know when and what we are going to eat.  It’s a bit obsessive and I want to try to find a way to change that but I don’t have any ideas yet… Part of the problem is ME, I’m no different. I always want food to be involved in anything I do.  

All in all it was a really successful day, of course by the time we are taking the trains home the kids are tired and the excitement is gone and they get cranky and disruptive, whereupon “Mean Mom” comes out.  But we seem to be lasting longer and longer before we hit that breaking point, for which I’m grateful.  

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