Lumiere London

I heard about Lumiere London at the last minute.  It is a traveling art festival of sorts, designed all around light in urban environments, and it was only happening over a weekend. I saw it posted on Facebook on Friday.  Originally I thought it would be fun to take the whole family on Saturday night, but then Richard wasn’t feeling well and none of the boys were interested, so I nearly begged Mim to come along.  She was actually quite willing, she is always happy to have some one-on-one time.  

She’s such a fun girl to hang out with, and she chatted my ear off the entire way into the city.  The first installations we went to were a underwhelming, and the crowds were overwhelming and I wasn’t sure it was worth it.  We did a lot of walking and Mim, bless her heart, was a trooper.  As we made our way a little further out of the more popular areas we started to enjoy ourselves more.  The highlight of the whole night was definitely Westminster Abbey.  After we saw that one, we walked toward Victoria train station.  We bought some treats for the train ride home, but the next train to Lewisham wasn’t for awhile so I decided to take the tube to Cannon Street and catch a train from there.  (They are much more frequent.)  Unfortunately I completely forgot that Cannon Street station was closed that day, which I had actually known because I had been in the city that morning.  So we had to do MORE walking and by then we were both so tired that the evening kind of ended on a sour note.  We took the DLR all the way home from Bank and Mim fell asleep along the way.  None of that probably makes any sense if you haven’t used public transport in London, but someday when I read this I want to be able to feel sorry for myself all over again.  

I didn’t take my camera because to be honest I’m no better at taking night-time photos with my DSLR than with my iPhone. Oh well.  Here is my shameless smattering of awkwardly cropped photos from the night.  

One thought on “Lumiere London

  1. I’ve followed you by foot and train around London and can feel exactly how you must have felt by the end. You can travel much farther than I before you feel it though:)


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