City Walks wit’ Me Mum


Chimneys for days. Makes me think of Mary Poppins, every time. “When the’s ‘ardly no day Nor ‘ardly no night There’s things ‘alf in shadow And ‘alf way in light On the roof tops of London Coo, what a sight!”

My mom came to visit when Amirah was a couple weeks old, just about the time when I was getting ready to be outside again.  Our first April in London was gorgeous, and I really didn’t want to miss our second (and last) April sitting at home in postpartum gloom.  Thankfully my mom enjoys these things as much as I do, and we were able to go out a few times.  We went to Camden Market on a Saturday morning, and took Miriam and Amirah with us, then we met up with the boys in Regent’s Park.  

On another day we walked through Mayfair, Hyde Park and then made a stop at Harrod’s. It was my first time at Harrod’s and I loved the food hall so much I went back three times before we moved. Ha! (Just yesterday a friend and I discovered that we had in common mothers who are ALWAYS game for finding new treats.)  


The Harrod’s Food Hall is as much an art exhibit as it is a food hall. I couldn’t believe I’d lived in London for so long and never been there.


My first cronut at Camden markets. Sadly it was so cold outside that the pastries were hard. My mom brought hers home and re-heated it, but I lacked the patience. We ate other delicious things at the market though.

The aforementioned outings didn’t offer us the pleasant April weather I’d been hoping for, but we got lucky on our last, long city walk.  I only knew some general ideas about this walk, so it was a bit confusing trying to find our way, and then we did it backwards and I was confused again. It was the Parkland walk in North London, and there were so many little surprises along the way. 

I climbed up onto a wall to take a picture and when I looked down behind the wall I saw a family of foxes, two adults and three babies, playing in someone’s back garden. The adults took off pretty quickly, but the little foxes stayed behind and entertained us for several minutes. They were so cute.


We stopped here for some refreshment in the sunshine.

Without meaning to, without even knowing such a place existed, we stumbled upon the Alexandra Palace, AKA, the “Ally Pally.”  It was built in 1873 “as a public centre of recreation, education and entertainment.” It had really beautiful architecture, and a great view of the city. 
We eventually found our way to the walk that I had originally planned, which is a lovely and quiet path along what used to be an old train line.  Amirah slept nearly the entire time, and my mom and I had a lovely chat.  
We came out at Finsbury Park, took a quick jaunt up to King’s Cross, ate some lunch and cupcakes, popped on over to the British Library so my mom could take a quick look at an exhibit there, and then made our way home, just in time to pick up the kids from school.  

St. Pancras you gorgeous station, you.

My mom and I had some other fun outings too.  We went to Cath Kidston (more than once), bought a couple tea cups and saucers at street markets, went through the National Portrait Gallery, and had lunch at a Cafe Rouge (which had been on my London bucket list), to name a few.  I think both of us were trying to squeeze every last little bit out of our time in London. 

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