West Family-time

When we were planning our time in Boise, I Voxed Kim and said “We want time with you guys! A couple days at least!”

​Sean and Kim moved to Kuna not long after we did and during our time together there we had six babies between our two families. I feel like we went through a major life transition/phase together and we just feel so closely bonded with them. They are some of the best people we know and we missed them so much in London.  

I told Kim that we didn’t have time to plan much but if they just told us where to be and when, we would show up! Kim and Sean took it from there and planned a really fantastic little trip for us in Donnelly.  We left Boise on Monday morning and met up with the Wests at Subway in Cascade for lunch.  We drove up to the cabin, unloaded our stuff and then headed to the lake.  We spent a dreamy afternoon and evening playing in the sand, riding jet skis, grilling hot dogs and chicken, keeping cool in the lake and just soaking up all our favorite things about Idaho with our favorite people.  

Tuesday morning we drove up a windy but gorgeous mountain road to the trailhead and hiked up to Boulder Lake. Richard stayed back with Amirah because he had a foot injury, but Sean and Kim and I wrangled the other eight kids up the trail and I must say the kids were rock-stars.  It was so fun for me to watch them have such a good time.  Our elevation was high enough and the path was shady enough that it wasn’t too hot, and there was so much to see along the way.  

We love this ginger fam!

We ate our lunch at the lake, and the kids put their feet in the water and skipped rocks.  I took so many pictures, it was just so beautiful.  

We hiked back down the trail and drove back down the mountain road and spent another evening at the lake, this time just swimming and relaxing.  That night we put the exhausted kids to bed and played a new game with the adults, just like the good ol’ days.  

In the morning we reluctantly packed up and cleaned up and headed back to Boise.  It was a really nice way to spend a couple days stress-free, and we really enjoyed watching our kids pick right up with the West kids and get re-acquainted.  It was so reassuring to me to know that no matter how far away we live or for how long, we can maintain these friendships.

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