The First Full Day

Our first night/morning was rough. We all fell asleep fine but woke up at various points during the night. Mim and Amirah were up around 1:00am, we sent them back to bed and Mim eventually fell asleep but Amirah didn’t so I brought her into our bed and she tossed and turned until around 4:00am but by then the rest of us were wide awake. The boys all reported similar experiences of sleeping well for a few hours, lying in bed awake for awhile, falling back to sleep for a bit and then being awake for the day before 5:00am.

So we had no trouble getting ready for church in time. KPMG provides a driver for us, I’ve never been told directly why this is the case but I imagine it is related to the complex process of becoming licenced in China, car insurance and scarcity of vehicle permits for the city. I’ve observed and heard that it is the standard for expat families to have a driver. We met our driver in February when Richard and I came to Shanghai, because he was the driver for the family that came before us. His name is Yu Jian and he is wonderfully helpful and kind. He picked us up for church and brought us home again when it was finished.

Church takes place in rented space because the church is not allowed to have it’s own buildings here in China. It is different, it feels more college campus and less church-y, but otherwise it’s just like every other LDS church meeting we’ve attended.

A few of us took afternoon naps and then we went to have dinner with new friends Natalie, Paul and their sweet girls. Amirah made fast friends with Remy and I’m so excited for their future together. Natalie and Paul cooked a meal that hit. the. spot. for us and then we walked down to the river to see a little bit of Lujiazui. They live in a high rise apartment building, on the 30th floor, with spectacular views.

The building in the front is Natalie and Paul’s apartment building, behind it looms the Shanghai Tower. Amirah has become obsessed with the Shanghai Tower, and because it’s so tall (the second tallest building in the world) you can spot it from all around the city – which Amirah loves to do.
Dusk is my favorite time of day in Shanghai too.

With the exception of Eli falling asleep on the mini-trampoline in the Judd’s apartment, we endured through the first day of jet lag, and lived a day in Shanghai.

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