Finally asleep!

We went back and forth for a long time debating whether or not to put the boys in the same room. We selfishly decided to keep our computer room/office and for the most part it has gone smoothly. The other day though I put them down for a nap at the same time and for 45 minutes they just “talked” to eachother. Eli was lying with his face towards Cameron and Cameron was on his tummy facing the crib. (I wanted to take a picture before they fell asleep but I didn’t want to disturb the moment.) Cameron did most of the talking and Eli did a lot of giggling and babbling. It was so cute and I was so touched by there brotherly bonding that I didn’t care that they weren’t going to sleep. Eventually they settled down and dosed off. Siblings are so fun.

2 thoughts on “Finally asleep!

  1. Sleeping boys is one of my favorite sights too! We debated putting our boys in the same room and finally did for the same reason. It’s also great when they wake up at the same time and keep each other occupied like this!


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