The planets aligned

The reason I made that the title is because a lot of things had to work out for the wonderful event last night to take place. The event? I went to bed shortly after 11pm and fell asleep immediately and didn’t wake up again until 7:01am. Eight hours of completely uninterrupted sleep. That hasn’t happened in about a year. I didn’t wake up to go to the bathroom, Eli didn’t wake me up to eat, Cameron didn’t wake me up because of a bad dream or to “put his blanket round” him. It was so great. I woke up undisturbed and feeling completely rested. What a joy. But for all the future parents out there, don’t be too discouraged (especially the men) because Richard gets many uninterrupted nights, and I have become used to them. This was just a special treat. Merry Christmas to me!

5 thoughts on “The planets aligned

  1. That is huge, I dont think that I have done that in years, maybe even before hygiene school, I either have insomnia, bathroom anxiety in the middle of the night, or am destined not to sleep all night. I desperatly need ambien or something, but last night I think I only woke up once, and that is a real miracle. I did take tylenol sinus PM though, so it might not count. But I think that is a huge accomplishment.


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