Getting the tree

Before we got to this Santa Cameron had the chance to sit on Santa’s lap somewhere else. (Which went well except that Cameron thought he was going to actually get the things he wanted from Santa then and there.) But when he saw Santa again at the tree lot he had it down. “I want a truck and a trailer and Lightning McQueen and lots of trains.”
It was pretty cold but Cameron thought the whole picking-a-tree adventure was great.
(We aren’t actually driving in this picture, we aren’t that bad of parents. This was still in the parking lot.)

4 thoughts on “Getting the tree

  1. Cameron looks so adorable! He is such a great little boy. Don’t worry I didn’t think you were acutally driving. He would probably be sitting down scared silly if the truck was actually moving.


  2. Cameron sounds so funny, that is hillarious that he thought Santa should give it up right than and there. I love it. Cant wait to have a boy, they are funny little guys. I love that you got a real tree, that looks really fun


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